Assassin’s Creed Origins is easily the best Assassin’s Creed game so far. Typically, it is just like the Original Assassins Creed game which came out a decade ago yet it is redone with a fresh new look and fascinating new ideas. Released on October 27, 2017, the game setting is in Egypt. What is thrilling though is that we are not actually in Egypt, we are in the Animus. Amazing!! Confident, challenging and utterly deadly, Assassin’s Creed Origins is now finally the game to beat. Ubisoft has returned the game to its best, which was a dream to the fans. Now, from the look of things, they will have a perfect treat. The game which has created a buzz all over might just be the best creation Ubisoft ever released.


We are going to play the game as Bayek of Siwa. The last man in the Egyptian military order known as Medjay. It includes more playable characters and multiplayer. The other playable characters will only be used in the specific mission only. The only one that is known so far is his wife, Aya of Alexandra. Aya is not a member of the military group, the Medjay. But she supports the mission in her own ways. The abstergo in assassin’s creed origins comes as a present-day soldier.

The story so far

Bayek is a proto-assassin in his early thirties. He is considered a peace-maker whose main is to enforce justice through punishment. He remains the hometown hero. But he is looked down upon as an unnecessary hindrance from the past by those in the Greek Ptolemy areas. Since the Medjay were chosen by the pharaohs, they were considered chosen by God himself. When the pharaohs lost their power as the mighty rulers of Egypt, the Medjay became obsolete.
The game events are set against the background clash of ancient civilization. There is a progressive tense struggle between the pharaoh, Julius Ceaser of the Roman army and king Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra. This time is during the fading demise of the last Egyptian ruler and things might not just end very well.

Game view-points

Rather than having the usual viewpoints in the game used to reveal the game map, the new viewpoints can be used for unlocking fast travel points and guests. You can through fast unlocked points, use camels, horses, chariots and even boats for water bodies.


The game has 160 different weapons. Each weapon to serve a specific scene where it is required. You will be able to equip yourself with swords, dual blades, heavy clubs, spears, and scepters. Fighting with bare fists is also an option. When you reach at the end of the mission, weapons with greater power will be unlocked.

Game Version

Six versions of the game that you can pre-order exist. The base game with just a bonus first mission called Secrets of The First Pyramids. The deluxe edition, gold edition, God’s edition, dawn of the creed edition and dawn of the creed legendary edition.


Before you get the game for your PC, ensure that the specs of your PC are compatible with the game requirements. It is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Also keep yourself posted to their timeline so that you can get any useful content for the game. Get ready to explore the beautiful barren expanse of the Ancient Egypt. Be ready to get what might just be the best creation by Ubisoft.

Best Legal Ways To Watch Hollywood Movies Online

Just as Bob Dylan sang, ‘The times they are a-changing’. This holds true for the trend of watching movies too. It is not a sign of laziness or an excuse to stay indoors; it is just a way of life when you wish to watch it on your home screens. Nowadays, people prefer to stay back home and watch the latest movies without intervals, without a need to take shower and without the need to drive all the way to movie houses. It has become easier all the more. You may watch it on some particular website or on applications for hand-held devices. Just name the technology and you have the last movie sources springing up from everywhere.

Sources to Watch Movies Online Legally

What would you see the movie on? You do not need any additional equipment, just a desktop/laptop having access to the Internet or a smart television with Wi-Fi. So, if you have planned to watch your favorite movies legally, here are some sources for the same.

Websites that have Legal Rights to Stream Movies Online

When we talk about watching movies online, we don’t wish to break the law. We don’t wish to have a knock on the door in the middle of the movie with police officers bustling in catching us ‘red-eyed’. We wish to play it safe all the time. There are some websites that can help you play it safe. One of them is “Can I Stream It”. It is a free service that enables its users to search across a wide variety of movies and also if a movie you’re searching for isn’t available, it has an email reminder facility.

We’ll that’s kind of cool! On the other hand, we have some well established online streaming brands such as “Amazon Instant Video” and “HULU”. The thing with these websites is that they are paid. They can be subscription-based or pay-per-view based. We know that paid services are a turn-off, but maybe good things come at a price.

Smartphone Applications

The smartphones have come far beyond their regular call and messaging usage. They do a lot more now. One of the features is live movie streaming. A number of applications can be found on both the Android and IOS interfaces which will allow users to play movies on demand. Some may be paid or free, but 2 of the best applications we have found are MovieBox and ShowBox. These are legal and free applications for watching movies in High Definition.

Movie Box is not just a movies application, but an excellent service for people who love to enjoy their time with the films. ShowBox for Android is another android based entertainment app platform that offers its users free access to one of the largest collection of unlimited streaming for TV shows and movies. No jittering or intervals of any sort, just pure movie experience at the touch of a button. Click here to get the app onto your smartphone.

The Last Words

So what are you waiting for? Plug in your headphones, turn down the lights and get your popcorn ready for this beautiful adventure. These applications can be downloaded on your android smartphone and apple IOS enabled devices too. Click here to download MovieBox app for iOS. So sit back and relax, while everyone will be busy searching for ways to cut a deal and watch their movies secretly, you can enjoy the pleasures of high definition quality and a fully legitimate way to watch your favorites on your smartphones.