4 Important Tips to buy a Water Softener in the UK

We all have grown up studying about the differences in ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’ and how soft water is appropriate for most of the purposes such as cleaning, drinking or watering plants while hard water isn’t. Apart from being healthy, there are other benefits of using soft water as well like it softens the skin and thoroughly hydrates the body.

On the contrary, hard water that has a high Calcium and Magnesium content can adversely affect the water pipes, appliances, clothes and water systems in the houses. For all these reasons, it becomes extremely important to convert hard water into soft water using the right kind of water softener.

Water quality in the UK

If you are staying in UK, you will be aware that most parts of the country either have hard or very hard water that is unfit for most of the purposes. This is because the water comes from springs that are in limestone and chalk aquifers and thus, are rich in Calcium Carbonate component. So it becomes extremely important to choose the right kind of water softener system if you are residing in UK.

In the article here, we give you some helpful tips to buy the right kind of water softener.

Factors to consider when buying a water softener

Before we jump into any helpful tips, it only makes sense to make you aware that there are several factors that will decide which is the perfect water softener for you, these factors include:

  • The level of hardness in the water at your home
  • Your budget
  • The space that can be conveniently allocated to the system
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Environmental considerations
  • Cost of running

Tips to buy a water softener in the UK

Tip 1

If the water that needs to be treated is ‘very hard’ and there is sufficient place at your home that can be allocated to a water softener, you must opt for Salt-based systems. In these systems, the Calcium and Magnesium ions are replaced with Sodium ions that soften the water. These are bulky in design and should be appropriately installed near a drain so the salt tank can be discharged.

Tip 2

If you are facing the problem of built-up lime scale in your plumbing systems and you are looking for solutions that are low on running cost and maintenance friendly as well, you must choose Salt-free systems. These are salt free water softening systems that help in removing the lime scale that might have built up in water pipes, over a period of time. These also ensure that the hard water is softened.

Tip 3

When your choice is a water softening system that is small, compact, easy to install and low on maintenance as well, you should choose Electro-magnetic systems. These are simple in functioning as well. Magnetic wires are placed around the water softening system, this helps to change the structure of the water molecules, thus, softening the water.

Tip 4

If you are lucky and staying in one of those places in the UK that do not face the issues related to hard water, you can simply choose a water purifier. A water purifier is used to just purify the water and not soften it. Most of them use the process of reverse osmosis for the purification of water.

So basically if your are clear with two things–the problems that you are facing and what you are looking for exactly, the above tips can guide you pretty well to buy the best water softener in the UK.